Our Mission Statement

The Tenant/Landlord relationship is presently an adversarial relationship based on the assumption of competing interests.

Tenants and Landlords Together (TLT) strives to find common ground between the two interests, bringing together tenant and landlord in a cooperative manner. Tenants need and deserve comfortable and reasonably priced housing, with secure tenancy. Landlords, as investors, need and deserve a fair return on their investment.

The Overall approach
of TLT is to provide for the interests of both parties in the tenant-landlord relationship, both in terms of the general environment and their particular relationship.  The general environment includes the legal framework that governs or supervises their relationship, as well as the tax code’s treatment of the landlord’s investment in the residential real estate.  Both have a tremendous impact on the tenant’s living conditions.
It may well be that one is generally more concerned with the rights of tenants in the tenant-landlord relationship.  Certainly, the landlord is generally better endowed economically (and often educationally as well) than the tenant.  However, an honest and in-depth review of the relationship shows that much of the conflict originates not necessarily with the landlord per se, as with the general economic and tax environment he operates in.  TLT believes that by improving the environment the landlord operates in we can improve the conditions the landlord can offer the tenant.  The two interests should generally move parallel to one another, and not necessary in opposition.

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