Dobby is a nonprofit organization dedicated to moderating issues

 within the private rental market and housing field.
Joining Tenants & Landlords Together (Dobby) is the most effective way for tenants and landlords to improve housing conditions and control patterns of illegal activity in the private rental market and general housing field.
 We focus on shared issues and grievances.
Tenants & Landlords Together (Dobby) provides service to all Tenants and Landlords as well as home owners .

The name - Dobby -  comes from the abbreviated Hebrew name:

Di’arim ve’Ba’alie Batim Yachad.

Dobby is a National Registered NGO based in Beer Sheva serving Southern Israel. We are not government funded and we are not political, We lobby for legislation to protect both the landlord and the tenant. We believe that everyone has a right to fair affordable housing.   Although we are most active in Beer-Sheva, we are also provide services to those in the development towns of: Arad, Dimona, Yerucham & Ofakim. Our goal is to provide services on a national level to all residents of Israel.

We have implemented a campaign in Beer Sheva regarding extravagant payments demanded by the water company, Mea-Sheva.  Water supply was administered by the municipality, until it was privatized under Mea-Sheva in 2007. We receive hundreds of complaints about exaggerated incorrect fees and bills charged by the Mea-Sheva every month, The complaints also come from those whose water supply is  cut off, when they are unable to pay their huge water bills.  Due to our mediation with the Water Company, including court cases for negligence, service has been improved and fees have been adjusted.

Another active project is organizing House Committees (Vad Ba’it) for those who live in buildings that do not have a house committee. Services of the umbrella association, Aguda le’Tarbut haDi’ur , are limited by the law to only help buildings that have a house committee. Through mediation and education we help set up the house committees with the intention of registering them with Aguda Tarbut Hadi’ur, if the majority of the citizens in that building are in favor. If not, then unlike the Aguda, we can still teach them how to run their committee and work with them giving our support and advice.

We also work with the small local businesses to help them maximize their income in order to strengthen the middle class. After the war many small businesses have closed due to not being able to pay their city property tax. Our service to the businesses is free of charge in exchange for discounts to dobby subscribers.

Tenants & Landlords together provides a hot line for all housing questions: Advice concerning leases to our subscribers; mediation between tenants, landlords and government offices.  As a dobby subscriber you can receive discounts to over 75 stores (the amount of stores grows every week) Real Estate agents, Lawyers, handymen, electricians, plumbers, roofers, movers etc. A newsletter that gives updated information on new housing laws and reports past activities and announces future activities and lectures. Lectures on housing and renting given by conference calling and screen sharing allow subscribers to participate without leaving their home. We also help regulate water and land tax bills for our subscribers.

Future projects include an accurate data base of all private rental homes presently being rented, cheaper housing costs and better housing laws and practices

The subscription fee is a onetime payment of 37 shekels and 25 shekels a month per apartment/family. This is a token fee because due to the discounts and service we provide you will be bringing your monthly expenses down. Once you contact the organization a meeting will be set up with one of our volunteers to personally address your housing needs

A Non Profit Organization demands commitment!
We are committed!


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