Dear readers,

The private rental market in Israel is not regulated by any organization or government body.
Unfortunately, I had to find that out the hard way, by needing to hire an Attorney to negotiate issues in my lease that should of been basic social norms regulated by our government.
Housing is a basic social need just like our staple products are, i.e. bread and milk. Basic social needs deserve government regulation and we, as a society, need laws regulating rental fees and housing conditions.
Statistically, Israel has 600,000 renters who have no one to turn to concerning these issues.
Surprisingly, for a well developed country, there are no statistics or information about the private rental market.

Besides there being a great need for this information to be available to the public, the public needs an organization which can support the needs of tenants and landlords.T.L.T. is the only organization in Israel with this particular mandate.
These services have been long needed but not provided till now. With the establishment of T.L.T  both tenants and landlords will be able to receive objective services, not intended to do injury to their counterparts in the relationship.

T.L.T. has been established not only to help the tenants and landlords with their daily issues but also to lobby the Knesset to professionalize the industry, improve investor conditions in residential real estate, and improve tenant conditions.

Home ownership vs. home rental is clearly an economic issue. The lowest decile of the population has the highest rental percentage and are therefore the most exposed to both the shortage of rental properties and exploitation by unscrupulous property owners.

The unmet market need of tenants and landlords is for an organization that can provide them with easy access to relevant information as well as the necessary resources when conflicts arise. T.L.T.'s primary goal is to provide them enough information prior to renting as to reduce or even eliminate conflicts during the tenant and landlord relationship.

I am here to listen to suggestions and your opinions, on how we can work together to make T.L.T. successful.

I take this opportunity to ask all my readers for their support and help. We are working to raise the initial funding for the organization. We hope to raise enough to cover the cost for the first 2 years of operation and after that we hope to be self sufficient.

Thank you in advance,

Yael Platzky