The Winds of Change

August 15, 2011
Social change is what the people are crying out for this summer, is it here to stay or will it blow over once the new school year begins and all the students go back to their busy routine.

I have heard it being said that they are young and spoiled and are trying to bring down the present government but even if their direction does need some improvement I think that their hearts are definitely in the right place. They are standing up and saying they love their country they do not want to leave and go live in the USA, they want to stay here and make it a better place to live.They may be spoiled but they are not blind, they have seen their parents struggle to give them what they have. They appreciate both Mom and Dad working full-time to give them what they need and going without to do so. They do not want to have the same hard life. They want more, and there is nothing wrong with them wanting more. Isn't that what we have taught them, to go out and make more, become successful and to help society.

We have to respect the way they have organized, how big the demonstrations are and how involved everyone is. Look at the news from today, they have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promising to solve the problem in weeks. He stated "not be solved in days, but in weeks".,7340,L-4109093,00.html Weeks? I would realistically think it would take at least 6 months, maybe he is also waiting to see what happens after the summer.

I professionally understand that any organization wanting to be heard will swing to the supporting side but I was hoping for once we could keep a social issue social. Why threaten to bring down the government when a new one will be so busy setting up shop, they will not have time to fix social issues.

We would all benefit better from standing as one nation, we would be stronger and wiser and we would be able to accomplish so much more.

If the winds of change keep blowing let's hope it changes for the better, to be giving, understanding and united with our fellow Citizens and to work as one towards the same goal.


Challenges for the Young Israeli Couple

June 16, 2011
Yechiel came home from a wedding last night concerned that all his friends who have gotten married in the last year are having to rent even though rental fees have increased drastically.
After living his whole life in rentals his biggest fear is not being able to buy a home when he gets married. Unfortunately and realistically the young Israeli Couple face many challenges in the purchasing of a home...

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Regulating the Private Rental Housing Market

October 21, 2010
Dear readers,

The private rental market in Israel is not regulated by any organization or government body.
Unfortunately, I had to find that out the hard way, by needing to hire an Attorney to negotiate issues in my lease that should of been basic social norms regulated by our government.
Housing is a basic social need just like our staple products are, i.e. bread and milk. Basic social needs deserve government regulation and we, as a society, need laws regulating rental fees and housing condit...
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