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Ms.Yael Platzky grew up in South Africa and returned to Israel with her family in 1985.

For the past 20 years Yael has been both a tenant and a landlord, during this time she found that many issues concerning the private rental market had no solution due to the lack of regulation and basic government law that is found in most first world countries. Having experienced, firsthand, issues that relate to both tenants & landlords she gained perspective as to what we, as a society/country, should be doing to obtain order and fairness in this complicated, volatile, private rental market.

Yael is knowledgeable in Business Management, Marketing, Information Technology and Web Development. She is a great organizer and has a natural talent of planning and executing effective strategies and advanced operational solutions. Her career reflects strong leadership qualifications coupled with hands-on operations, accounting, IT and client expertise.

Yael maintains focus on achieving bottom line results while formulating and implementing advanced business and technology solutions to meet a diversity of needs. She has a superior record of delivering innovative, large-scale, mission-critical projects on time and under budget. She has a servant leadership management style and excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She has recruited and built top teams of subject matter experts, technologists, and other business professionals recognized for their ability to deliver on-time, within budget and to the highest quality and best standards for customer satisfaction. She has also trained and built teams of sales agents and marketing experts.
Using her business expertise in combination with her organizational and rental knowledge she applies business principles to establish an organization that will be self-supporting rather than totally reliant on donations.

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